About Me

Ntxhee Yee Thao

My name is Ntxhee Yee Thao, pronounced “sing yee”, and I am a Communication Major in Mass Media. I graduated in the Fall of 2018.

I decided to pursue communication in mass media because I simply love to create and work with ideas as well as collaborating with others behind the scenes. The technical aspect such as animated films, video games, radio, commercials, and even documentaries have always caught my eye.

Communication is …

Communication is something that most people struggle with, and for me, I tend to struggle with communicating with others due to English being my second language. For some, communication is difficult because people can interpret ideas differently from what others mean. Therefore, I want to use digital media art to bring people together so they can share inspirational and creative projects and empower and reach out to others.

Background in Communication

My strengths in communication is to speak with enthusiasm, analyze details, demonstrate team work skills and respect to my fellow co-workers. During both middle and high school, I was involved in Forensics in the storytelling category. There, I worked on character voices and being able to properly convey a story. I was also heavily involved in both musical and non-musical theatre and chorus throughout high school and college. Holding onto these past experiences has led me to be able to communicate with other people outside of the music and theatre program.

I work well in groups by adapting and interacting with my group members. I tend to analyze my surroundings to see the good and bad qualities in other people. Therefore, I try to play to their strengths since each person has a skill or talent to contribute to the team project. I also find working in a friendly atmosphere helps keep generate new ideas and expand creative projects.

My Dream

My dream is still in the making, but what I do know is that I would like to work in the animation industry and be a part of a team that helps bring a story (manga adaption or light novel series) to life.


I also plan to one day run my own niche podcast. Coming soon.