Audio production Example

Radio Broadcasting Podcast Sample

In the spring of 2018, I was enrolled in a Radio Broadcasting and in the class we learned how to produce and audio mix podcast episodes. A couple of classmates and I made a three episode podcast called “CANdi for You” a female podcast speaking from the female perspective in a wide range of topics.

Each student participated in speaking roles and audio mixed each podcast. Here are a few audio segments (a mix of audio production and voice over) I did and made from this experience.

 We are CANdi for you and we are a female podcast made up of three women whose goal is to enlighten and discuss the female perspective through shared stories and through a broad umbrella of topics that young women experience in day-to-day life.

“CANdi for you” Episode 1: Relationship 101

“CANdi for you” Episode 2: Inspirational Women

“CANdi for you” Episode 3: Women in Music